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In this article, we will take a look at the new Apple iPad and the many exciting features that will make it one of the most must-have tools of 2010.
The apple Ipad connects to the internet on a local network with 802.11 connectivity that is the standard for the new touch screen gadget. If any Wi-fi networks are detected, it is made available to the user, which enables them to launch applications, browse and read email and do nearly everything the would normally on a regular computer.
This allows the user to connect cell phones and any variety of blue tooth enabled device to be connected very easily with just a few taps on the touch screen. What is even more exciting, is the plotted release of the 3G version of the Apple Ipad which will allow for even greater download speeds (up to 7.2 MB per sec.), allowing this gadget to connect to the internet with even more speed and gives users the ability to transfer files even quicker.
For the those times when there is not a Wi-Fi network to connect to, the Apple Ipad allows connectivity to satellite internet services via its soon to be released 3G connectivity technology Its does this with a new cutting edge chip called the M4. Designed by Apple engineers, the M4 chip is designed for performance as well an efficient use of power, giving owners much longer battery life than previous chipsets. It’s this mix that makes the Apple iPad the definitive choice for those that want exciting performance and also use less power.
The new M4 chips for the Apple ipad promises to give a breathtaking experience to users by enhancing graphics, games and application usage. Not to mention the 30 pin connector at the bottom of the Ipad that allows you to connect various other devices such as a keyboard,camera in addition to being a docking station, allowing the recharge itself.
There is also a built in microphone and microphone jacks that allows you listen to music along with many other voice related activities such as chatting and recording audio. What makes the Apple iPad particularly useful is the ability to set it up with a keyboard and mouse as if it were a normal desktop.
Notebooks for carrying the iPad are also available as well as an ingenious camera connection kit that will make the iPad your video streaming solution. With the abundance of design features and optional accessories available to the user, the Apple iPad is looking to continue the tradition of height quality and breakthrough Apple products.
Users can certainly expect many more impressive features to be added to the Apple iPad as its usability and popularity increases.

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