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While there are many impressive features of the new Apple iPad, one of the most impressive is the incredible 9.7 inch LED backlit show. This crystal-clear, enhanced graphics enabled screen has been wowing potential customers and beta testers worldwide.
Even more impressive is the ability to switch from portrait to landscape view which allows users to show pictures and videos even more vibrantly and in present it in just the right manner. This in plane switching (IPS) technology is what makes this all possible and allows users to view images at all angles up to 178 degrees and maintain a gorgeous, crystal clear look.
This is one of the standout features of the iPad and allows users to twist, turn and orient the device much more easily for added viewing flexibility. Essentially this technology is also the same used in the Apple iPod which has helped make it the success that it is. Despite being based on the advanced cell phone’s technology, the iPad has been completely reengineered to work for its larger screen design and more mainstream multimedia deliverability.
With its incredibly nimble and responsive touch screen, applications are a breeze to interact with and use, and makes working with documents, surfing the web etc much more efficient, with a greater feeling of control than other multimedia device. In addition to the sleek and slender design, one of the other superb features of Apple’s iPad, is light and nimble feel in your hands. Weighing only 1.5 pounds, is one of the most portable and simple to carry devices you can have with for a multimedia tool with so much functionality.
The size of the screen is exactly 9.7 inches, which is ideal for viewing and working with applications at a comfortable level.
The wide screen also makes it simpler to view movies, surf the Internet and handle the myriad of applications available for the iPad. The Apple iPad also boasts and impressive battery life, which claims to give up to 10 hours on single charge, perfect for many of Apple customers who are on the cutting edge of technology and use their devices continuously. This lithium polymer battery is quite the cutting edge in rechargeable technology.
For many loyal customers of Apple products, you will notice that iPad has been incorporated with many technological advancements into its design as well as extraordinary array of accessories.
If you’re looking for a portable electronics gadget that is truly on the cutting edge of technology, then the iPad is the definitive choice for any technology buff.
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